How to Get Help For Inventor Ideas

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Inventors often assume that they know what the public wants. However, they should seek unbiased customer feedback first. This can help them come up with new, innovative ideas. InventHelp is one place to get help. You can also search for patents online. Angel investors are also a good resource. You can also attend inventor conventions and network with fellow inventors.

InventHelp helps bring inventor ideas to the marketplace. The company helps inventors protect their intellectual property and present their products to companies worldwide. InventHelp has more than nine thousand companies in its database and prides itself on being an advocate for inventors.
Inventor conventions

Invention conventions are an excellent way to develop your problem-solving skills and build your confidence while sharing your ideas. These events offer a forum to showcase your work to a new audience. For example, Cianna Anderson, who invented a personal organization app, presented her idea at an invention convention.
Online databases of patents

Online databases of patents for inventor ideas can help you find relevant patents for your product idea. These databases are easy to use and can give you a wide variety of results. These databases use Natural Language Processing and AI to make your search easier. Rather than providing 10 results that may not be relevant to your search, you will be presented with a list of relevant patents.
Angel investors

Invention investors often provide startup capital for inventor ideas in exchange for a stake in the company. This way, they will not be asked for repayment even if the business doesn't succeed. Furthermore, they are more likely to consider an exit strategy. While a loan would require repayment no matter how successful the business is, angel investors will be happy to get a stake in the company in exchange for the financial rewards.
Product development teams

Working with an expert product development team is crucial for inventors who are in the process of developing new products. Many inventors get lost in the finer details and need an objective eye to keep them focused. An expert can also show the inventor that certain details can wait. A product development team can provide a fresh perspective on things like packaging, which may need to be modified along the way. For example, a product might need to be branded differently if it is meant for a particular retailer or private label company.
Market research

Using market research to develop inventor ideas can help you focus on the right product, narrow down your options and avoid making costly mistakes. In addition, research can help you decide which product to introduce first.

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